CARNEGIE ACOUSTICS is the culmination of a group of devoted Audiophiles that started their journey back in the early 1970’s before the advent of the smoke and mirror surround sound processors.

In the early 1990’s home theater was discovered by the masses and along with it came the obvious degradation of audio gear. As a result, more people were buying audio equipment but instead of the gear getting better it was getting worse. Instead of spending $2,000 on a left and right pair of speakers, consumers were splitting their $2,000 investment between front left and right, rear left and right, a center channel and a powered subwoofer. Quality was pushed to the back burner and because families didn’t want large black speakers in their homes, speakers became smaller and their quality suffered drastically. So much so that customers could take their entire home theater home in a single box weighing 20 pounds. That’s the day the music died.

Since the early 70’s, the members of CARNEGIE ACOUSTICS have worked in the electronics industry including the design, engineering and manufacturing of extremely high end 2-channel Loudspeakers and Amplifiers and even working in the finest AV retail stores. Because of the 35 years of working in every facet of the industry, the CA group felt they had a complete understanding of how to design, engineer and manufacture something unique that could fill all voids… the sonic characteristic and performance that Audiophile consumers demanded combined with what home owners wanted aesthetically. Physics and acoustics confirmed what they already knew; small sound comes from small speakers. But the feedback from husbands and wives told them that consumers didn’t want to devote half of their living room to refrigerator size speakers that were typically necessary for accurate playback. So CARNEGIE ACOUSTICS went to work and created The Pedestále, the world’s first large cabinet, Audiophile-Grade Loudspeaker that didn’t take up much room and would be welcomed by every member of the family. Big sound comes from big speakers and big power. We can assure you that Coldplay & George Lucas don’t mix their worldwide masterpieces on home theater in a box systems. Why would you try to play it back on one? You will never hear the full bodied performance that artists and engineers work on for months at a time if you try to play it back with an entire sound system that you can carry home under your arm.

Visit your local CARNEGIE ACOUSTICS authorized dealer and hear first hand what you’ve been missing. The quality and performance of our Loudspeakers is magical, the unobtrusiveness is a true work of innovative art.



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